Modern Farmhouse Interior Design: 7 Best Tips To Create Your Own

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design: 7 Best Tips To Create Your Own

Follow these top 7 essentials for incorporating modern farmhouse interior design in your own home!

  1. Modern Farmhouse Must Have: Textures Galore

The majority of farmhouse interiors have a great sense of hygge. The feel cozy and welcoming from the moment you step into the room. This is because of the layering of textures. Using fur and leather throw pillows to contrast against the hardwood and stone finishes and as a result, you’ll have an inviting and interesting space.

Another way to bring in additional texture is to incorporate items from nature. We love seeing pops of greenery (that works in ANY space!). Area rugs are also an essential texture need!

  1. Mixing Metals

Farmhouse interior design isn’t the only design style that loves to mix metals. This growing trend is here to stay. Contrast is your friend! We love how gold hardware pop’s against black cabinets.

Black, gold, silver, oh my! They all work together so beautifully when you pay attention to detail.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas: Focal Kitchens

Kitchens no longer blend into the background. We love that farmhouse design isn’t afraid to make a bold statement with the heart of the home. Bold trends like herringbone backsplash tiles, colored, cabinets, and bold fixtures are common features seen throughout this fixer-upper paradise.

Don’t forget to look up! Bold pendant lights over the kitchen island are another great way to incorporate the modern farmhouse design into your own home.

  1. Large dining tables

When thinking of farmhouse design it’s easy to think of large family gatherings around the table. Number four on our essential modern farmhouse finds is a dining table large enough to fit a group! It’s so important to gather around the table and have conversations with the ones you love. What better place to do it than a beautifully designed dining room.

Don’t have space inside? Think about setting up an alfresco dining area in your backyard. Café lights finish off the space with the perfect ambiance.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Style: Neutral Color Palette

Perhaps one of the most consistent features we see is a neutral color palette. There are often contrasting colors used to create interest in the room. When you do see pops of color typically we see more subtle colors that can be found in nature. Deep navy blues, sage greens, burnt orange, are a few of our favorites.

Keeping the walls a white or off white color gives the perfect blank slate to let the texture of the furniture and accessories do the talking. If you have large windows in the room keeping the color palette neutral also allows for the view to do the talking. We love a good view!

  1. Industrial accents

While we haven’t been seeing as much industrial design prominent in the design field in recent years, that doesn’t mean it’s not making its way into other trends just like this one. Subtle industrial touches such as concrete accents are a great way to bring in a raw and natural feel into the room. The perfect contrast to an otherwise farmhouse interior.

Metal accents in furniture and lighting are a great way to incorporate industrial touches into your modern farmhouse home. We love the mixture of wood and metal! It gives off such a raw yet sophisticated vibe that we can’t seem to get enough of!

  1. Greenery & Plants

Arguably a tip that should be in most interior design trends is adding greenery. Bringing the outdoors in is good for the mind, body, and spirit. Not only does it purify the air, but you can also use this tip in a practical sense by planting an herb garden in your kitchen. No farmhouse interior design is complete without greenery!

Avoid “dead corners” by adding a floor plant to fill the vertical space and soften the overall feel of the room. The designers have spoken and it’s safe to say this modern farmhouse trend is not going anywhere anytime soon! And we couldn’t be happier.